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what a beautiful day to do drugs

(via moistbottom)

I haven’t ate her out but she’s sucked my dick hella times wtf


I’m not glorifying anything.
Its a part of history, American history. And if you couldn’t tell, my blog consists of mostly things in that nature.
I love seeing the pretty in ugly things. Its amazing it happened, its also very tragic. I love seeing things like that happen, makes me wonder how things can go crazy in a split second, and how everyone else were simply living their life, without a care in the world and then, boom, something so insidious happens. Its crazy. But I find it amazing.


If I think you’re cute & you’re down to fuck.
Then we’re fucking.


Desoxyn is pharmaceutical methamphetamine hydrochloride in pill form. (Legal meth, usually for the obese.)
Chose it because when you soak it in water, it extracts the active element. You get a pale yellowish solution. Then you tie up, IV, and hang on when the rush hits.
Best feeling in the world.